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Pattaya panoramas are created by joining two or more photographs together to make a visually stunning image. Creating panoramas takes some special software due to the lens of a camera distorting an image. There are some programs that do this automatically but the results can be mixed. A program that is semi automatic is better.

There are only 3 Pattaya panoramas on this page at the moment but I will take more in the future. They are fairly small on this page. however, if you click on the image you will get a larger version of the image.

The first one a scene that I think most people have seen before. It is taken from Pattaya Hill near the radio station and the naval memorial. It shows the city of Pattaya. This Pattaya panorama is the result of combining two photographs.

Pattaya panoramas

In the above panorama you can see a pier on the left. This is Pattaya Pier that can be found near the southern end of Walking street. The next panorama was taken on that pier looking in the direction of where the above image was taken. The image is the result of stitching together 3 photographs.

Pattaya pier panorama

The following image is produced from 2 photographs also taken from the pier. The image shows the Pattaya water front from Walking Street and north-wards.

Pattaya waterfront panorama

The panarama below was taken at the south end of Pattaya looking north along Pattaya Beach. Two images were stitched together to produce the image.

Pattaya Beach panorama

The next image is similar to the ones above but shows the storm clouds that are common during the wet season. Also compare this image to the one above and note the new constructions. The image is the result of stitching three photographs together.

Pattaya Beach Panorama

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