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This Pattaya flood category, as the name suggests, contains Pattaya flood photos. During the wet season floods in Pattaya are not uncommon. The wet season usually starts in June and lasts until October. On average the wettest month is September. However, floods are not restricted to only September. These events can cause havoc with with your accomodation and may make for transportation problems. Many tourist activities also come to a grinding halt. In fact it is a good time to sped some time in your hotel with a lovely Thai partner.

Most of the photos below are of a Pattaya flood that occurred in September in 2006. The last couple are of a flood that happened in June this year. Most of the photos were taken in the Soi LK Metro, Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana Inn area. There are also a few of the flood waters on Second Road around Mike Shopping Mall.

So the story is that I get back to my hotel with the love of that night and there is a bit of rain about. The following afternoon we head out for breakfast. It wasn't long before we were saying oh shit!!

In Pattaya floods don't stop people from going about there business. People just get on with it. Things take a bit more doing but life goes on. The lady from the that night later told me that she had to wade through chest high water to get back to her room. As you can see the water does not look clean. It is very dirty and can be dangerous.

I have been told that you can catch certain diseases carried by the water. I believe that and you will see a photo that will make you think about this.

Another thing to think about are the holes and things that exist were people commonly walk in Pattaya. While you are there have a look around and you will see many places into which a foot and/or leg can go. Now imagine the hole filled and covered with dirty water. I have met people who have put a leg down a hole in the flood waters.

Pattaya lady and flood waters

The Thais just tend to laugh it off. It never seems to bother them too much. It is one of the cultural differences. In our countries people get uptight about things that don't really matter too much. The Thais have more important things to worry about.

Pattaya flood and getting around

After I took this photo I found out that this sexy lady was being very well cared for by a farang boyfriend.

Pattaya flood and lady

This is on Soi Diana Inn which is normally quite busy. On this day many people were walking and pushing their motorbikes through the water.

Pattaya lady pushing motorbike in flood waters

The motorbike repair shops are busy when the flood come to Pattaya.

Pattaya flood waters

Some people are kind enough to help others out.

Getting around in pattaya flood

The drainage system in Pattaya is woefully inadequate for the type of rain they receive. You can see that in the photograph below. It is obvious that the system is engineered in such a way that part of the system is higher in elevation than others. No compensation is made for this. This means that flood water drained from a higher level flows out of the filled drains in a lower area.

Another thing that the people in Pattaya that contributes to the floods is to cover the drains. They do this to stop the stench rising from the drains in the hot tempuratures. Only problem is that when it rains the water is restricted from entering the drain.

Pattaya drainage problem

This photo is at the intersection of Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana Inn. The water was flowing very fast along here.

Racing water on Soi Diana Inn

A little bit down Soi Diana Inn and people were still walking and pushing their motorbikes through the Pattaya flood waters.

Soi Diana Inn Flood

Just because Pattaya is flooded doesn't mean that they stop eating. This is a food cart that is very busy despite customers having to stand around in flood water.

Pattaya flood

however, not everything is normal. Lolitas in Soi LK Metro usually has 10 or so girls sitting outside trying to attract customers.

Lolitas Pattaya under flood

Second Road is still busy even if there is a flood.

Second Road flood

Even motorbikes plow their way through.

Flood on Second Road Pattaya

...and the Thais just keep smiling and go about their business.

Pattaya ladies and flood water

However, the car park at Mike Shopping Mall is usually crammed with tourist cars and busses is almost empty.

Mike Shopping Mall under flood

These last two photos are taken on Soi Diana Inn in June this year. It only took a couple of hours of steady rain to cause this flood. At times like this you have to just bite the bullet and get on with getting back to your room.

Unfortunately on this night a young British guy was electrocuted and was killed. He was wading throught the flood waters.

Pattaya flood on Soi Diana Inn

By the next morning the flood water had disappeared.

Pattaya flood

If you are in Pattaya during the wet season you will need to keep in mind that you may experience a Pattaya flood.

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