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Soi Buakhao and Diana Inn Photos

 Soi Buakhao runs in the north to sout direction for South Pattaya Road to Central Road. It is quite narrow and carries a lot of traffic. To make things worst the Thais don't pick good places to stop or even park. Just like many places in Thailand the result is near chaos.

The following photo was taken near Soi LK Metro.

 Soi Buakhoa

 There are a couple of lingerie shops along Soi Buakhao. This one is near the junction with Soi Diana Inn. This shop changes the clothes that the sexy ladies wear on a regular basis.

Sexy ladies on Soi Buakhoa Pattaya

There is a lot of construction in the area are present. This was a 7-Eleven only a few days before this photo was taken.

Soi Buakhoa construction

About 6 weeks after the above photo was taken the newly renovated 7-eleven was open for trading.

7-eleven Pattaya update

We now take a right hand turn into Soi Diana Inn. This again is a narrow soi with a lot of traffic for its size. In this area there are many hotels, restaurants, shops and a few bars. You will always see the food carts and people selling all sorts of crap in this area.

Soi Diana Inn Pattaya

 Life on Soi Diana Inn. Just to the right of this photo is LK Metropole Hotel. This is a higher standard hotel where security is very good.

Offices and shops on Spi Diana Inn

 Here is the entrance to LK Metropole Hotel. In the night time a VW van is parked to the right. here you can drink cocktails. It is a good place to end a night out if you are staying in the area.

LK Metropole Hotel Pattaya

 Below is Robin's Nest. It is a restaurant with room above it. The food is good value and worth checking out at some stage.

Robin's Nest Pattaya

 This photo is looking back with Soi Buakhao in the background.

Life on Soi Diana Inn

 We now are back at the starting point and looking into Soi LK Metro.

Start of Soi LK Metro from Soi Dian Inn

 Again looking back at bars and shops on Soi Diana Inn.

Bars and shops on Soi Diana Inn

 Another popular place to stay in the area is Areca Lodge.

Areca Lodge Pattaya

 This photo is looking further down into Soi Diana Inn. In the day time the bars are quiet in this area. You can find lady boys in the beer bars in this area.

Beer bars on Soi Diana Inn

 On most nights you will find ladyboys here.

Soi Diana Inn bars

 A newer and swank hotel in the area is LK Renaissance.

LK Renaissance Pattaya

 Papagayo bar is a coyote bar not far from Second Road. If you are in the area it is worth checking out.

Papagayo bar Pattaya

Just like everywhere in Pattaya there attractive ladies around.

Fit Pattaya lady

 A little before Papagayo there is a beer bar complex. At times there are attractive ladies here. There is a story that the owner of the bar called Ferdinand bar killed a snake with his bare hands when on of the howkers tormented one of his ladies with the snake.

Beer bar complex on Soi Diana Inn

 If you are after a good stake then Beefeater is worth a try. Unfortunately when the photo was taken the place was being renovated.

Beefeater Pattaya

 Even though this photo is not strictly in the area being covered it is a good way to finish it. This photo was taken in the car park of Mike Shopping Mall which is located near the junction of Soi Diana Inn and Second Road.

Pattaya fruit seller

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