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Soi Honey is a small soi that has undergone a lot of upgrading recently. On this page you will find 29 photos taken along the soi including beer bars, massage bars and a gogo bar.  

Soi Honey is located between Second Road and Soi Buakhao approximately 50m to the north of Soi Diana Inn. It is a very narrow soi and care should be taken when walking along it. There are many businesses on the soi including hotels, beer bars, one gogo bar and many massage parlours. 

There is one type of bar that is unique to this soi in Pattaya. On Soi Honey you will find 'massage bars.' you can come for a beer and if you like you can have a massage and perhaps some extras. 

Below is a map of the general location of Soi Honey.

Soi Honey map

Soi Honey is on the opposite side on Second Road from Soi 10. Actually it is a little to the south of Soi 10 but not by much. Soi Honey is actually called Soi 11 Second Road. The round blue and white sign below is the start of Soi Honey on Second Road. 

Soi Honey

The next photo was taken on the other side of Second Road looking at the entrance to Soi Honey.

Entrance to Soi Honey

 Soi Honey is a very narrow soi and maybe 150m long.

Soi Honey

 It contains many small shops and bars.

Soi Honey honey

 Internet and telephone services are also available.

Soi Honey phone box

There are also a few hotels such as Bay Breeze Hotel that can be seen on the left side of the following photo.

Soi Honey

 With many people staying in the area laundry services are also easy to find.

Soi Honey laundry

There are British themed bars such as the Queen Vic Bar pictured below. It should not be confused with the Queen Vic Bar on Soi 6.

Queen Vic Soi Honey

 There are numerous small places to stay on Soi Honey. Some of which can be seen in the photo below.

Soi Honey

One of the things you will notice in this area is that there are a lot of businesses offering massage services. There is a high concentration of them on Soi Honey. There are the traditional massage parlours such as below.

Soi Honey

 Also on Soi Honey you will find bars offering massage services such as the Nana Bar.

Nana Bar Soi Honey

The Nana Bar is one of the larger bars in Soi Honey. It is a massage bar in which you can have a beer and if you like have a lady give you a massage in private.

Bars on Soi Honey

The massage girls are not shy trying to drum up some more business either.

Massage girl

A new addition to the Soi is Honey Agogo. This is the first and only gogo bar in the soi.

Honey Agogo Pattaya

 A bar Called Pimm's Bar

Soi Honey

There has been a lot of new construction in Soi honey. One of the new places is pictured below. There are apartments for sale (at high prices) and shops available for rent.

Soi Honey

Honey Inn is a popular place to stay on Soi Honey. It has recently been given a facelift.

Honey Inn

Some of the smaller beer bars on the soi

Soi Honey bars

You can see that there are many shops available for rent in this new development.

Empty shops on Soi Honey

More small bars and businesses.

Soi Honey

Below is a photo taken near The Captain's Bar and Guest House.

The Captains Bar and Honey Inn

We are getting near the Soi Buakhao end of Soi Honey now. There are many small businesses here.

Beer bars on Soi Honey

Some of the signs in this area.

Soi Honey signs

Some more beer bars.

Soi Honey bars

In Pattaya you will notice that they will park their motorbikes anywhere and hang laundry anywhere too.

Soi Honey motor bikes and laundry

This photo looks back towards Second Road.

Soi Honey

This is the entrance of Soi Honey from Soi Buakhao. Not too long ago this end of the soi was dug up to work on the underground pipes etc. It was probably to supply some of the new developments on the soi.

Soi Honey ends on Soi Baukhao

The final Soi Honey photo looks back down the soi towards Second Road.

Soi Honey 

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