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Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao Photos

This is the first page of the walking tour and cover Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao.

At both the Soi Diana Inn and Soi Buakhao entrances to Soi LK Metro there are metal archways topped by the sign below. I am not convinced that the soi is 'where the action is' but there is a fair amount of activity in the Soi. On the next page of the walking tour a photo showing more of the arch can be found.

 Soi LK Metro sign

 There are many small beer bars and shops in Soi LK Metro. You can find most of what you need for a short stay in the area. Directly behind where his photo was taken is a Family Mart.

Soi LK Metro bars

 Along with the beer bars there are also a couple of gogo bars in Soi LK Metro. Champagne Agogo can be seen in the photo below. This gogo is not in the same league as those in the Walking Street area but can be good at times. At other times it can be very average.

Soi LK Metro bars

At the time of initial writing (June 2008) the second gogo bar on Soi LK Metro was under going-renovation. I am not sure what the plans for the place are.

Soi LK Metro construction

By the first of August the work had been complete and the new bar, Ice Bar, was ready to be opened.

Ice Bar Pattaya

The photo below is taken where Soi LK Metro takes a 90 degree turn and is looking towards Soi Diana Inn. The bar on the right is called Storm Bar and is on the corner of the 90 bend.

Looking back in Soi LK Metro

 Where the soi takes the bend there is a small road going into the corner. There is a couple of new hotels in this area. This photo shows Pasadena Lodge in the very corner.

Pasadena Lodge Pattaya

 The next photo shows Soi LK Metro looking towards Soi Buakhao. The area has many bars and offices.

Beer bars and shops in Soi LK Metro

 A little further along and more bars can be seen. Most of the bars on the soi also have accommodation  on the upper levels. There is some very good value accommodation  to be found in the area.

Life on Soi LK Metro


 Lolitas is a blow job bar. It is a well know place and there is also one in Bangkok. The girls sit outside so you can pick who will keep you company inside. An added advantage is that you can see the talent before you decide to have a beer.

Loliitas Pattaya

 The Pattaya Hell Club is also located on this soi. There is one simple rule in this place and that is that you must take at least 2 ladies. It is a short time place with a session lasting 90 minutes. The girls here are anything but shy.

Hell Club Pattaya

 A few signs for bars, accommodation and other services.

Bar signs on Soi LK Metro

 The following photo looks back in the direction from which this walking tour has come.

Looking back along Soi LK Metro

 Some of the bars have naughty names and slogans.

Bar signs

 Getting near the end of the soi and looking back.

Soi LK Metro

 On the corner of Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao there used to be a bar called Stereo Bar. At the time of writing it is being renovated by a new owner.

Stereo bar being renovated


Liquid Lounge under construction

 The new name Liquid Lounge.

Liquid Lounge Pattaya

The following photos were taken about 6 weeks after the inial photos and shows Liquid lounge open for trading. The first from the Soi Buakhao side.

Liquid Lounge update

The second from the Soi LK Metro side.

Liquid Lounge update

Soi Buakhao is a very busy and fairly narrow soi. If you walking along the soi you will need to be careful. This photo looks north along Soi Buakhao.

Soi Buakhoa Pattaya

A little south of Soi LK Metro along Soi Buakhao is Oasis. This is at most times the best gogo in the area. If you would like to go plan to be there before midnight as this is when it is at its best.

Oasis Gogo Pattaya

That concludes the first part of this walking tour. The next page will take you from Soi Buakhao, along Soi Diana Inn to Second Rd. To navigat to the next page use the menu on the left of click next below.



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