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If Pattaya has a heart then Walking Street is it. For many people this area is Pattaya. You will see all sorts of people in this area at night from mum and dad with the two kids to those who go for the night life and ladies. They all come for one reason and that is the sex trade that Walking Street Pattayathrives along Walking Street. For the family visitor it is to look at it from the outside and for the single guy the reasons are obvious. If you are the latter then you may at times feel like you are a zoo exhibit.

The main entertainment area on Walking Street extends for about 500m. On it you will find many gogo bars, open-air bars, pubs and discos. Some bars have live music while some are like those in the Soi 7 and 8 area. Prices are generally a bit higher here to compensate for higher rents.

Off Walking Street there are many sois to explore. Some of Pattaya best gogo bars and night life are located on these sois. This walking tour also explores these sois.

To view this set of photos you must use the link at the bottom of the page.

Walking Street during the day is a lot different than at night. During the day traffic is allowed. Most bars are either closed or have few customers. It is more like a normal road in the daytime. This series is taken during the day-time as photography is a lot easier and details are not lost in the shadows. I will add some night-time photos in the near future as you will not get a real understanding of what the Walking Street area is about in the day-time photos.

If you do get to Pattaya and head straight to Walking Street before trying some of the other areas don't get stuck in Walking street. some people do this and it is a shame. Wall king Street is a good area for night life but it is not the whole of Pattaya. Make the effort to explore the other areas that the city has to offer. You may find that you prefer these areas. Walking Street is great but it has its disadvantages.

This walking tour of Walking Street starts at the northern end of Walking Street where it meets Beach Road. It then follows Walking Street to the end of it. It then proceeds onto the pier for some photos of the waterfront before heading back to Walking Street to explore the sois off it.

This walking tour is split into five pages. The first page covers the first part of Walking Street and Walking Street is competed on the second page. The third page covers Soi 16 and Marive Plaza. The forth page continues down Soi Lucky Star before continuing to Sois BJ and Happy before entering Soi Diamond. The last page competes Soi Diamond before coniuing to Sois 14 and 15.

The map below shows the route of the tour.

Walking Street map


First Page of the Walking Street Tour

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