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On this page you will find some interesting signs that that be found in Pattaya. They have no real interest other than for a bit of a laugh.

As the scripts of English and Thai are very different each language undergoes transliteration (as opposed to translation.) This leads to some interesting results. Some of them are caused be errors in the transliteration and is probably due to a lack of understanding of the English language. Other signs are the results of misplaced words or the result of poor grammar. You will even see some signs that you would think the bodies creating them would have a higher chance of getting it right.

This first photo was taken on the soi on which Tim Boutique Hotel can be found. I guess it is for motor-bike service.

Motorbike sign in Pataya

Abbe's Bar is on Walking Street and this photo was taken in that bar. I know the Thai guys are small be I don't think even they can fit in this toilet.

Toilet sign in Pattaya

Paradise Bar is one of the larger bars on Soi 7. They haven't quite got this sign right.

Another toilet sign in Pattaya

Like to get your hair washed?

Laundry sign in Pattaya

You would thing the local council would get some professional help with their signs. However, it would appear that this in not the case. This sign can be found on Sukhumvit Road just to the south of Pattaya Klang.

Want to pay your electtriccity bill?

 More photos will be added as I come across new signs.

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